Ways to Pair down your closet…


We know breaking up with your clothes is hard to do. One of the easiest ways to pair down and get the closet of your dreams is to focus on what works for you. 


What does your lifestyle demand in a wardrobe? Business clothes? Casual classics? Take a look at what your lifestyle in the last 6 months has needed and what kind of wardrobe you need for YOUR typical week. Find what clothes you reach for the most and invest in high quality pieces that mix and match.


Color palette. What helps a wardrobe function harmoniously is to find out what colors work best on you. If you don’t know there are tons of online resources to help you find your best color. I would recommend looking at what colors you feel your best, your most confident in and go from there. For example, if you feel most confident in neutrals, stick with them. A neutral palette is a great canvas to start with and you can always add pops of color with accessories. If you feel your best in cheetah then by all means girl, let out your inner cheetah. Pairs well with black and red. Roar! 


Get rid of anything you don’t absolutely love or doesn’t make you feel your best. Closet real estate is valuable. Don’t let guilt of how much you paid or "so and so bought for me” stop you from letting go. If it is not worn then it is taking away space from pieces that can really make you feel your best. Sell it and move on to pieces that love you back. Chances are whom ever buys your items will love it and give it a cherished home.

Some of our favorite resources/inspirations

The Curated Closet by: Anuschka Rees


The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up: The Kon Mari method

Apartment Therapy: A great website with all kinds of Closet organizing tips. Advice for your entire home as well! 

Pinterest: Needs no introduction but just search closet organization and you have endless sources of advice and tips!

We love to talk closets! If you have a method that works great for you please share next time your in the shop! 


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